A New, Comfortable, Spacious & Peaceful Residential Care Centre

Managed by Lifelink Homecare

Are you in search of a residential care facility that focuses on providing a comfortable and conducive environment for your loved ones? Lifelink Homecare Residential Care Centre may have what you are looking for.

Our residential care centre is a newly established premise that takes quality into consideration rather than quantity. We do not intend to maximise space usage and jeopardise comfort and attention that the residents should be getting. Rest assured when your loved ones are staying with us in this new, comfortable, spacious and peaceful place, they will be well-looked after by qualified personnel.

Lifelink Residential Care Centre

Does Quality of Life or Money Matters More For Your Loved Ones?

Lifelink Residential Care Centre Is Your Answer.

Do you know how does your loved one feels being left alone at home when the rest of the family are constantly out daily? To make matters worse is when they have difficulty moving about. Click the button below to read on how we can improve the quality of life for your loved ones.


Lifelink Residential Care Plus Points

Qualified Personnel 24/7

Qualified Nurses, Physiotherapist, Caretakers (Doctor available upon request)

Exclusive, Spacious, Hygienic & Peaceful

Operated with Comfort as the sole objective in mind for the residents like no other in the country.

Medical & Specialised Equipment

Medical equipment (oxygen tanks and concentrators, enteral feeding eqpt, hospital beds etc) and specialised equipment e.g. tilt table (1st residential care centre in Malaysia to have a tilt table in house). Usage of certain medical equipment may incur additional cost.

Entertainment For Residents

Board games, cards, TV with DVD player, Wifi are available for all residents.

Dietary Preference

We take our resident's dietary preferences into consideration instead of a fixed menu.

*We provide Day Care, Long-Term Stay and even Short-Term Stay packages for instances when you have to go on a business/ holiday trip. Let us take care of everything so you can travel with a total peace of mind, contact us for more information.*

Interested in Lifelink Residential Care Centre?

Make an appointment with us and we'll bring you on a tour through the centre.

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